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Failed orbit records presents…


a three-day music festival featuring Walter Etc. and Hemingway
along with 15 local bands including The Bougies, TV Microwave, The Chronies, strangers with kandy, toro mackey, feeble, jinkiniki, earl grey, oka's point, gehirn, sasstronaughts, operation 7.5, a shot at sundown, and more to be announced.

Walter Etc.

Hailing from Portland, OR but now headquartered in Los Angeles, Walter Etc. are the band for your perfect lazy afternoon.  Born from the remnants of his previous group Walter Mitty and His Makeshift Orchestra, singer/songwriter Dustin Hayes writes songs about cold brew, McDonald's breakfast sandwiches, and early-20's existentialism, and plays them along with bandmates Kris Schobert, Russell Park, and Brennan Facchino.  Himself a surfer, Hayes' music will feel right at home for fans of the beach or sleeping in late.


Formed in 2011, Hemingway is an emo punk band from Portland, OR.  Featuring fuzzy hooks, apathetic lyrics, and guitars that alternate between crushing and dreamy, Hemingway push through the confines of their proclaimed genre and give listeners a plethora of sounds and moods to sink into.  Putting the bummer in "Summer Bummer", Hemingway are anything but, and their sophomore LP You Will Never Be Happy is a testament to their ability to turn the familiar feelings of sadness and isolation into something celebratory.