Failed Orbit Zine Issue 2 now available / by Jhune Liwanag

We do this collaborative zine once in a while where, at a show, we'll set out art supplies and ask people to make stuff with them. Then we put them all together. The latest issue was just released which you can find here:

Participate in our 3rd issue by coming to our show on Sunday, July 31st at the Manifest!

Poncho, Emu Attack, Rotten Blossom, and Joe Gonzalez are playing.
It's another fundraiser to help us bring down the band Blowout, who are coming down to play a couple of shows in September.
Blowout just released a new track titled "cents cents money money" that was just released and available to stream here:

We'll have raffles and prizes to give out, too.
All Ages / 12-5PM / $5

Event link:

Zine Swap / Blowout Fundraiser! w/ Poncho! Emu Attack! Rotten Blossom! Joe Gonzalez!

Flyer by Rawb Cunningham

Flyer by Rawb Cunningham